Services for urinal purge (removal), sanitiser (prevention), caps (prevention) & mats (deodorising)

Smelly, blocked, and slow flowing urinals are a frequent problem due to the build-up of Uric acid crystals and hard water in the pipework. This can therefore produce an environment for bacteria to breed.

At Gecko Hygiene, we have the following products and urinal services to remove, prevent further blockages and deodorise smells and so removing the breeding ground for bacteria.

Illustration of Urinal Purge

Urinal Purge (Remove)

Our extremely powerful urinal purge cleans the urinal trap, drain and pipework, removing the build-up and malodour therefore getting the water flowing again instantly without the need for a plumber or removing the pipework.

Urinal Sanitiser (Prevent)

Using a high-performance biodegradable fluid, it prevents uric acid from building -up in the trap and pipework. Fitted by the Urinal water tank, it doses the water between flushes. It also dispenses a fresh fragrance with every flush. The sanitiser is serviced on a regular basis, which is included in the rental cost.

Urinal Caps (Prevent)

The urinal caps outstanding microbes work to prevent malodour by destroying organic and inorganic material before it builds up in the pipework while also releasing a rich fragrance.

The cap also provides a physical barrier to stop objects entering and blocking the trap and pipework. Each cap can be fitted to existing flushable and waterless urinals without the need for tools or replumbing. The cap lasts 30-60 days.

Urinal Mats (Deodorise)

Photo of a urinal mat

The urinal mat will deodorize and keep the urinal hygienic and fresh for 30 days, designed and made of a highly flexible material it fits any urinal and provide a physical barrier to stop objects entering the pipes and manufactured with a textured surface to prevent splashback. Each mat has been impregnated with a rich fragrance to reduce bad odours.

Fragrances available:

  • Berry
  • Citrus
  • Mango
  • Spiced Apple

Water Flow Management (Water Saver)

Once fitted it instantly saves water which also saves you money. In commercial buildings one of the most wasteful uses of water is the constant flushing of urinals, an average urinal flushes three times an hour, 24 hours per day just flushing down the drain, costing you for the water coming in and the water going out.

After fitting to the water pipe which runs to the urinal tank, our water flow controller offers a solution to this. We set the fill times and flush frequency, resulting in up to a 70% reduction in flushing water.

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Urinal Services

Urinal hygiene is important and can be achieved through removal, prevention and/or deodorising. Get in touch today to discuss how Gecko Hygiene can help you.