Sanitary Units & Disposal Service

Supply and service sanitary units to all businesses and establishments

White sanitary unit

First Impressions are lasting and are crucial to any business, so by not providing sanitary bins for disposal or inadequate facilities could seriously affect how customers and visitors see your organisation or business.

Contact us to discover how our sanitary disposal service not only helps you comply with your Duty of Care legal requirements. But also shows your customers/visitors/staff you care about their welfare.

Our sleek low profile sanitary units are pedal operated, therefore stopping any cross contamination. It also fits either side of the cubical. Designed to be used in both Female and Male cubicles.

We can supply and service a single unit through to sites with over one hundred units, such as educational settings, factories, music, and major sporting venues. A Waste Transfer Note is also supplied on each service visit.

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Sanitary Units & Service

Caring for the welfare of customers, visitors and staff, for a cost effective sanitary unit supply and disposal service, please get in touch.