Consumable Washroom Products & Dispensers

Gecko Hygiene supplies a wide selection of standard and non-standard paper and soap consumable washroom products, we also supply and fit a range of dispensers. A must have products at low cost for any business with a washroom, including centrefeed rolls, c-fold and z-fold hand towels, toilet rolls/ paper for dispensers and hand care including liquid soap, hand sanitiser, heavy duty hand cleaner, barrier cream and afterwork lotion.

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Centrefeed Roll

Photo of blue centrefeed roll

Blue Centrefeed Roll

Ideal for drying hands, wiping surfaces, and soaking up spills, cost effective in use and suitable for high use areas.

Pack size is 6 x 150m rolls.

Ideally for our Centrefeed Roll Dispenser

Photo of Centrefeed Dispenser - Consumable washroom products

Centrefeed Roll Dispenser

Dispenser for our centrefeed roll.

Ideal for our 150m Blue Centrefeed Roll.

Hand Towels

Photo of Hand Towel Dispenser - Consumable washroom products

Hand Towel Dispenser

Hand towel dispenser for 1 Ply and 2 Ply hand towels.

Ideal for our C Fold hand towels.

1 Ply C-Fold

1 ply C-Fold Hand Towels

1 ply C-Fold hand towels are economic in use so suitable for high use washrooms.

Case size 2880 towels.

Perfect for our Hand Towel Dispenser.

White 2ply C-Fold Hand Towel

2 ply C-Fold Hand Towels

2 ply C-Fold hand towels are also available, ideal for washrooms in the office environment.

Case size 2400 towels.

Perfect for our Hand Towel Dispenser.

Toilet Paper

Photo of mini jumbo toilet roll

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls are perfect for busy washrooms as they are longer than standard rolls. Pack size 12 x 150m rolls.

Use with our Mini Jumbo Dispenser.

Photo of Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser - Consumable washroom products

Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

A dispenser ideally suited to the Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll available in our range of consumables.

Photo of bulk pack toilet paper

Bulk Pack Toilet Paper

Bulk pack Toilet Paper in 2 ply paper that is dispensed individually, cost effective in use.

Pack size 9000 sheets.

Dispenser available.

Photo of luxury toilet paper

Luxury Toilet Rolls

Luxury Toilet Rolls in  2 ply toilet rolls.

Packed in 10 x 4 rolls.

Soap and Hand Care

Photo of LotionBac Handwash - Consumable washroom products

Lotionbac Handwash

Lotionbac handwash with antibacterial properties, which hygienically clean the hands.

Available in 5lt container for use in bulk fill dispenser.

Photo of Alcohol Gel - Consumable washroom products

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser, a 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel available in 5lt container for use in bulk fill dispenser.

Photo of 900ml Soap Dispenser - Consumable washroom products

Soap & Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Dispenser suitable for our soap and hand sanitiser products.

Photo of heavy duty hand cleaner

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner contains olive seeds as a scrubbing agent for deep cleaning. 2lt soft bottle available for use in dispenser.

For use in dispenser.

Photo of Protect Oil Plus


Protect is fast and easily absorbed to help reduce skin contamination. 1lt soft bottle available for use in dispenser.

For use in dispenser.

Photo of Care Lotion bottle

Care Lotion

Care Lotion is ideal for after work skin moisturising and is silicone and lanolin free. 1lt soft bottle available for use in dispenser.

For use in dispenser.


Consumable Washroom Products & Dispensers

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